UP- Urea Phosphate

UP- Urea Phosphate


Fertan Urea Phosphate (UP) (17-44-0)

  • High purity, quick effect, suitable for a variety of crops (greenhouse, open field) and fruit trees.
  • Fully soluble in water, which makes it suitable for various irrigation systems; drip as well in spray, (fertigation process).
  • Does not contain sodium, chloride ion, and heavy metals.
  • High nutrient content, it contains high concentration urine nitrogen and phosphate, which is easy to be absorbed by crops quickly.
  • It can meet the needs of phosphorus for the whole growth cycle of various crops, especially at the beginning of plant development when plants need a high level of phosphorus to form an ideal root system.
  • Acidic fertilizer; it is suitable for the improvement of saline soil, also it is suitable for alkaline soil (high PH soil).
  • It is a valuable product with great potential as a finished fertilizer, and as an intermediate in the production of solid and liquid fertilizers containing polyphosphate (the raw material for NPK water-soluble fertilizer).
  • Increases sprouting, plant growth, and root development.
  • Increases flowers, fruits, and tillers in the plant.
  • Accelerates maturity and increases crop yield and quality.
  • Unique physical appearance (dry white crystals, not oily, unsticky with no caking).
  • Forming a clear solution without any turbidity.

Thermal processed phosphoric acid is used to produce our high-grade urea phosphate product, which is characterized by:

  • High purity.
  • Free of impurities and solid materials.
  • Stable physical characteristics such as viscosity and density.
  • No sludge formation.

Product Analysis:

N: 17%

P2O5: 44%


*Store away from heat.

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