MAP- Mono Ammonium Phosphate

MAP- Mono Ammonium Phosphate


Fertan MonoAmmonium Phosphate (MAP)(12-61-0) is a highly efficient source of phosphorus and nitrogen for plants, as both of these nutrients are important to sustain healthy plant growth.


  • Our MAP is made with especially pure H₃PO₄, and the P₂O₅ equivalent content of high-purity MAP is 61 percent.
  • Fully water-soluble and a highly efficient source of phosphorus and nitrogen, it is used for nutrigation and foliar feeding of all crops.
  • It is recommended for use at the beginning of the growth season when phosphorus availability is crucial for the establishment of the root system.
  • It can be tank-mixed with other fertilizers to meet crop nutritional needs throughout the growth cycle.
  • It is suitable for the preparation of fertilizer blends and for the production of liquid fertilizers.
  • It can be placed near germinating seeds without concern for NH₃ damage.
  • Contains the highest percentage of phosphorus of all common solid fertilizers.
  • It is desirable fertilizer in neutral and high pH soils since the pH of the solution surrounding the crystal is moderately acidic.
  • Does not form corrosion on fertilizer pumps or irrigation equipment.
  • It can be applied through any irrigation system and on any growing medium.
  • Free of chloride, sodium, and other detrimental elements for plants.
  • It has good storage and handling properties.
  • Foliar spray with MAP is effective in supplying phosphorus whenever quick response to deficient plants is required.
  • The slight acidity associated with this fertilizer reduces the potential for NH₃ loss to the air.
  • It is not only an efficient source of phosphorus, but it also facilitates plant uptake of the phosphorus naturally present in the soil. This is due to the ammonium (NH4+), which lowers the pH in the root zone and thus enhances phosphorus availability.

*It should not be mixed with calcium or magnesium fertilizers.

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