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Over 30 years in the broad field of agriculture

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A leading fertilizer company established in 2016 by a ollaborative effort of highly experienced professionals with over 30 years in the broad field of agriculture, and a specialty in Fertilizers.

Over the very few years from its foundation, Fertan achieved and maintained a remarkable growth in business, expanding its reach across the world with steady steps, benefiting from the premium-quality products that we offer at a very competitive price.

At Fertan, we bring a wide-range of Organic & Chemical Fertilizers manufactured in compliance with highest standards to meet customers’ requirements. And as we never compromise on quality, we are not only giving our guarantee on products, but also the service provided with our world-class After-Sale Support.

We believe in long-term strategic partnerships with our clients, and this is exactly what we will always be aiming to have with our loyal clients over the world year after year, and still counting!

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