Fulvic Acid


Fulvic acid is a yellow-brown substance with a very small and low molecular weight molecule that facilitates the penetration into the cells of plants, restoring the natural balance and correcting deficiencies.



  1. In soil, fulvic has a “chelating” effect on the nutrients that plants need to grow.
  2. Helps plants cope with frost and drought better.
  3. Supports beneficial microbes in the soil.
  4. Improves soil aggregate structure and reduce soil salinity.
  5. Enhances the water retention of the soil.
  6. Has antibacterial and anti-disease effects.
  7. Promotes seed germination, root growth, and early coloring of fruits.
  8. Enhances the synthesis of sugar, starch, protein, fat, and various vitamins.
  9. As a foliar spray, fulvic acid increases the plant’s oxygen uptake capacity with an associated increase in chlorophyll production.
  10. Nontoxic.
  11. It can detoxify pollutants in the soil.
  12. PH buffering capacity-soluble in acid & alkaline soils.
  13. Increases growth and yield of crops.
  14. Improves plant respiration.


Product Analysis:

Organic Matters 85% min

Fulvic Acid 80% min

PH Value 4-6


Appearance: Brown Powder



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